What Could Be Better Than Jacks Or Better?

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Easy and straightforward, Jacks or Better guarantees a whole lot of fun and great payouts that will pump up your online casino gaming experience.Game objective

The secret to winning this game is simple—a thorough understanding of poker hands. For Jacks or Better, your objective is to form a strong 5-card poker hand. 

In this casino game online, strive to form a better combination. Stronger hands deliver bigger prizes. 

12BET Casino Jacks Or Better

Game mechanics

Jacks or Better is similar to other video poker games like Aces and Faces. 

At the game’s onset, you will receive five (5) cards.  Choose the ones that you want to retain. 

You can choose as many cards as you want. You can retain all the cards. But do this only when they form a winning combination. Otherwise, there is no point to select such move. 

There are certain occasions where the cards are automatically held for you. 

The cards that you did not choose will be replaced and if a poker hand is formed, you win. 

Changing cards

You have the freedom to change the cards that you want to keep. However, always remember that you can only do it once. Be careful when making your choices. 

Doubling your wins

Whenever you win, you are given the option to place a double or double half bet. 

12BET Casino Jacks Or Better Winning Combination

When you choose to double, you bet all your winnings. Needless to say, if you double half, only half of it goes to the new bet. 


During this round, four (4) cards and another one facing up, are distributed. Choose a card and if it is higher than the face up card, you win. 

Meanwhile, if you prefer to keep your winnings, simply click the collect button. 

A truly enjoyable video poker game, Jacks or Better features great winning opportunities and entertainment.
If you are ready to win big, start playing Jacks or Better here in 12BET Casino. Play it using our casino client or our improved flash client.

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