Start Winning In 50-Lines Jacks Or Better

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If winning is just a piece of cake in Jacks or Better, the easier it is for 50 Lines Jacks or Better.  The latter is a variation of the former. 

The rules observed remain the same so you do not have to worry about any complications. 

12BET Casino 50 Lines Jacks Or Better Winning Combination

Get ready for big wins in this game!

What’s the difference?

For the 50-line version, you are dealing with 50 hands. As for the original game, you are only working on a single hand. Therefore, this makes the 50-line variation more profitable since the cards you kept shall be paired with the other 50 hands. 

Even if you choose a single card, as long as it formed a winning combination, you will be rewarded. 

For this game, you can form more than three (3) poker hands in one sitting. If you go for the maximum bet, you get bigger wins. 

Playing guide

Similar to the original Jacks Or Better, you will receive 5 cards. Choose the cards, which you want to keep. You can choose one or all of them. In the event where a winning combination is already formed, e.g. a pair, these cards will be automatically kept. 

As mentioned, the cards you choose will be paired with the 50 hands. Collect your winnings immediately. 

After the game, you have the option to double or double half. 

Video poker’s perks

Compared to poker, video poker is not only easier to play and understand. At the onset of the game, you will already know your hand’s value. You can strategize. 

Video poker is also more fast-paced. A simple click at the play button and everything is all done. 

Since you are playing at the comforts of your own house, you can freely put all your cheat sheets in action and nobody, literally, cares. 

Never miss out a great opportunity to win big. Choose your best cards and start winning big in 50 Lines Jacks Or Better today!

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