Jacks Or Better Multi-Hand Guarantees Multiple Wins

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Playing the multi-hand version of Jacks And Better is a proven way of scoring big in video poker. Having a hundred hands, instead of one, secures a guaranteed win and sheds a glimmer of hope to those who want to maximize the game’s potential.


Multiple betting advantage

Multiple betting works well in roulette. It spreads risks, increases winning possibilities and minimizes losses. The same principle also works effectively in Jacks or Better Multi-hand.

When you play with a single hand, you eliminate the chance of forming another winning combination. Such scenario forces you to depend on luck rather than on strategy.

Multiple betting, on the other hand, eradicates such dependence. If one of the hands did not generate a win, you have nothing to worry for you have ninety-nine (99) spare hands that may deliver the results that you’ve been waiting for.

Playing Jacks Or Better Multi-hand

This game needs no further introduction. This is most especially true if you are familiar with poker. Secure a strong hand and win. This is how Jacks or Better works. You’ll receive several cards where you need to choose the cards that you want to retain. These cards shall be paired with other cards to form a hand. You can just imagine how big your winnings  will be if you secured the whole one hundred (100) cards.

Why settle for a single hand when you can get a guaranteed win with 100? Enjoy Jacks Or Better Multi-hand today and see your bankroll grow instantly!

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