Go Wild With Deuces Wild!

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12BET Deuces Wild

Deuces Wild does not require special skills or long-term experience, except for an understanding of poker hands.

The key to winning in this casino game online is to secure a strong 5-card poker hand. Three of a kind is the lowest winning combination that you can form while the natural royal flush will give you the biggest payout, assuming that you placed the maximum bet. 

Also in this game, card number 2 serves as the Joker or the wild symbol, which can take any other card value to help you easily, win. 

Wagering denomination

You will definitely have a longer playing time in this game. Its wagering denomination ranges from €0.01 to €1.50. 

Your €0.01 can go to a long way. As a matter of fact, you can even multiply it. This is because the wild card’s flexibility guarantees that you will not go home empty handed. 

Playing the game

For this game, you will receive 5 cards. 

Choose the cards that you want to keep. The wild card is automatically held for you. 

Click the “deal” button and the cards that you did not choose will be replaced.  You win if you form a winning combination. 

12BET Casino Deuces Super Wild Winning Hand

The 2 stands for a card that will help you get the winning combination.

Wild royal flush versus the natural royal flush

Normally, you are already happy when you get a royal flush for this is the strongest poker hand. Yet, here in Deuces Wild, you have another equally strong hand, which is the wild royal flush. 

So what is the difference and which is a stronger hand? 

Obviously, the natural royal flush is the stronger hand. Here, you get the following cards, Ace, King, Queen, Jack and 10. 

But for the wild royal flush, the wild card substituted for another card which, in return, helped you to get a winning combination. 

Double and double half

Every time you win, you will be asked if you want to double or double half. 

When you double, you bet all your winnings. Double half, on the other hand, will only get half of your total prize. 

If you do not want to risk your winnings, simply click the collect option.

12BET Deuces Winning Hand

Do not be too hard on yourself. Secure a big win the easy way. Play Deuces Wild and profit from this easy and exciting casino game online.

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