Make Your Winnings 2,000X Bigger In 8-Ball Slots

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Increase your payout by as much as 2,000X bigger than your original bet with 8-ball Slots. This classic slots neither has huge progressive jackpots nor bonus features, but at the very least, you’re guaranteed to break-even. 

8-ball slots winning combination

How to hit the biggest wins

You only need three (3) 8-balls to ensure a big win. It does not matter if the ball is solid or striped. For as long as they form a winning combination, you will rake a huge amount. However, the 8-ball is not the only one that can guarantee a win. There are different ways to grab cold cash from this game.

Other winning possibilities

A typical win that one can generate is three (3) identical numbers positioned in an active payline. This is already given since this is what is usually observed in most slot games.

Another way to secure a win is for three (3) solid balls, regardless of the number embedded in them, form a winning combination. This multiplies your bet for up to four (4) times.

Just in case three (3) striped balls, again, irrespective of their numbers, pop out of your screen, it will multiply your winnings by ten (10).

Going for the maximum

Due to the fact that 8-ball slots assures you of breaking even, this is your time to maximize its benefits. In line with this, always go for the maximum bet. Never settle for small wins if you can have a big one.

As mentioned 8-ball slots may not have the typical wild or scatter and bonus features, yet, the winning possibilities it offers are too good to resist that you would not want to miss a single spin.

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