Vacation Station—Get 4,000X Bigger Prizes Plus 0.6% Cashback Every Week!

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Slots game, Vacation Station proves that you do not always get what you see. What seems to be a 3-reel slots machine is in reality, an 8-line slots, which can generate wins that are up to 4,000X bigger than your original bet. 

While it looks too simple or too “classic,” it brings prizes, which are as lucrative as that of multi-line slots, or perhaps, even bigger. 

12BET Casino Vacation Station

Are you ready for a winning vacation?

The numbered rows

The numbers shown outside the reels may look trivial or insignificant. But they play an important role in securing a big win. They act like multipliers. Whenever a winning combination is formed, you multiply your bet to those numbers to calculate your prize. If for example, the pattern falls under number 5, multiply your bet to that and you will know how much you will bring home. 

Pack up that suitcase

Flexible and filled with surprises, the suitcase acts as the scatter symbol. It does not matter whether it falls under an active payline or not, it will generate a win. This is in stark contrast to wild symbols, which activate only if it is within an active payline.

When 4 to 9 scatter symbols appear, again, your winnings will be multiplied according to the payout table. 

0.6% cashback
Other than your game winnings, expect your bankroll to increase even more during the weekends. 

In 12BET Casino, playing slots game entitles each members for a 0.6% unlimited cashback every week! 

This holiday season, turn your vacation into a lucrative one. Start spinning and winning in Vacation Station today!

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