Unlimited Wilds Bring Big Bucks To Wild Gambler Players

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Wild Gambler is the mother of all online slots. Its Lock & Spin feature outlasts other slot machines, which promise high winning possibilities. As a matter of fact, losing can be fairly considered a mortal sin, or rather unexpected.

Wild Gambler is perhaps one of the loosest slots, both in terms of the huge payouts and the overall approach of the game.


What’s the buzz?

Many are intrigued with the Lock & Spin Feature and they should be. It is through this that a player is able to keep its wild symbols and position them strategically on the reel. They can place as many wilds as they want , if that is what they need to form profitable winning combinations. There is no limit to the number of wilds that they can use to their advantage. A player can actually fill the whole screen with wilds.

Wild gambler lock and spin

The bet

Whenever the players use the above-mentioned feature, their bets increase. Others tend to raise their eyebrows because of this. Some might argue that Wild Gambler is just a mere show-off that does not really deliver results.

However, if you take a closer look, you will see that in the end, all of your efforts will pay off. With you placing the wilds strategically, this means that it is pretty impossible for you not to form a winning combination.

Wilds replace or substitute other symbols to generate a win. The more that you have wilds onscreen, the easier it is for you to create winning patterns.

The freebies

Lock & Spin is not the only thing that can be enjoyed in Wild Gambler. You will be also receiving eight (8) free spins to take advantage of.

Easy and big wins are already up for grabs in Wild Gambler. But of course, any smart player would not pass up the chance to profit from this game.

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