Why (Trivial) Paylines Matter

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When playing online slots, it is not enough to know the symbols that will help you become an instant millionaire. It is not enough that you know the combinations that will fatten your bankroll. You also need to understand this (boring) thing called as “paylines.” You might have heard them before. But how well do you know how paylines work?


Paylines, a brief introduction

Paylines determine if you have successfully formed a winning combination or not. This is how important they are.


In the early days, slot machines have a very limited payline. Usually, it is just the horizontal payline that is used as the bases of all winning combinations. This is not surprising though, considering the kind of technology that was present at that time. Yet, as technology progressed and so are the paylines used in modern-day slots.


Nowadays, you can see a horizontal, vertical, slant, zigzag and even a trapezoid payline. Before, you can only enjoy 9 of them (paylines). But now, you can enjoy up to 243 paylines.


Yet, considering how popular slot machines are, you might ask, what is the purpose of enabling slots with more and more paylines?  They hardly need these tweaks as they already have great mass appeal. However, if you want to look into the quality of user experience that slots generate, here are plausible explanations of why paylines should be inserted into the picture:


More interesting and exciting

Horizontal and vertical winning combinations are boring, cliché and passé, period. Do you not feel the excitement when a winning pattern pops out when you least expect it?


It is hard to withstand predictable slots. They become a drag. But paylines give you another way of enjoying them.


Better winning chances

Definitely, the more paylines a slot has, the more winning combinations can be formed.


Giving players a choice

Whenever you see slots with multiple paylines, you are not compelled to bet in all of them. You can choose.


At a glance, paylines may look trivial and irrelevant. However, if you just try to look into how it functions, you will agree that these are one of the greatest slot innovations that have been made.


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