Slot Lovers Found A Fountain Of Gold In The Game, Alchemist’s Lab

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Turned into a fountain of big prizes, the online slot, Alchemist Lab produces winnings that are up to 10,000X bigger than their original bet. With a simple spin that paves way for a winning combination, members can increase their bankroll in a snap.

It may not have as many paylines as that of multi-line slots, but it has a bonus round, which players can exploit to accumulate more prizes.

Go for the maximum bet to get maximum prizes!

Go for the maximum bet to get maximum prizes!

Entering the bonus round

Players need to get 3 books on the reel to enter the bonus round. In this feature, they will be taken to a seemingly ancient laboratory where they will be asked to produce gold.

12BET-Casino-Alchemist Club

To do this, they need to choose among those 3 bottles and combine all of them. The amount of gold produced accounts for the player’s winnings.

12BET-Casino-Alchemist Club-1

The most lucrative combination

The most lucrative combination that a player can win is getting 3 gold coins. Assuming that maximum bets are placed, members can win up to 10,000.


This game is equipped with 3 betting options. Players can bet one, two or three coins. But of course, placing the maximum bet is always the best strategy in playing slots.

Just like the fountain of youth promised by many alchemists, the Alchemist’s Lab and the rest of the classic slots, never grow old.

They keep on attracting more players and their features continue to improve, paving way for a more profitable slots gaming experience.

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