Runaway With Big Wins In Derby Day

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You do not need to look for a racetrack to have your dose of horse racing. Gone are the days where you have to set a schedule to enjoy a heart-pounding race. 

Now you can enjoy the best of horse racing right at the comfort of your own home in 12BET Casino’s Derby Day. 

12BET Casino Derby Day

A look at Derby Day

Derby Day is not your typical casino game online. This automated betting game captures the excitement of horse racing in a single click.
Filled with different betting options, it opens different winning opportunities. Bet on your favorite horse and increase your bankroll instantly. 

Simple and easy to understand, you do not need to lift a finger to win. 

The interface

On the left are the gallant horses. Click each one of them to see their records. This will guide you in picking the toughest contender. 

12BET Casino Derby Day Horses

On the upper right corner is the track conditions board that you can use to make the best choice. 

12BET Casino Derby Day Track Condition

The bets

You can make several bets for this game. These are:

  • Winner – You win if your chosen horse finishes first. This is the basic bet that you can make in this game.
  • Exacta – For this bet, you need to identify the horses that will finish first or second. Its payout is higher than the other bets.
  • Place – Here you win if your horse finishes first or second.
  • Show – This is a profitable bet, Here, you win if your horse makes it to the first, second or third spot.
  • Pick IV-V – Under this bet, you have to determine the top five horses in their exact order. This might sound too hard. However, this bet pays better than exacta.

Make a strong finish by becoming a big winner in 12BET Casino’s Derby Day. Jump into the excitement today!

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