Party With Party Line’s 4,000X Win Multiplier

Party With Party Line’s 4,000X Win Multiplier 4.25/5 (85.00%) 24 votes

Party Line slot is one of those Vegas-style machines that bring lucrative offers to its patrons. With winnings that can reach to as much as 4,000X bigger than the original bet, any player becomes a definite winner.



What is it all about?

This classic reel adapts an outlandish party theme. Balloons, loot bags, party glasses and even musical instruments are used as symbols in this game. Indeed, Party Line’s theme has nothing to do with the popular telephony glitch in the 20th century. Rather, it is all about having fun, a celebration of a great win that is about to take place.

The reel deal

Party Line’s game objective is to see to it that three (3) identical symbols form a winning combination. Three (3) party hats on the reel, deliver the biggest reward. It is through this winning combination that the 4,000X win multiplier, comes into place, provided that a maximum bet is placed.

The party glasses also deliver a win. However, the multiplier depends on the glasses’ color. The red ones share rewards that are 180X bigger than the original bet. Yellow party glasses make winnings 60X larger while the blue glasses multiply prizes by 120. If each of these glasses appears, the player, still, wins. The biggest reward he can get is 15X bigger than his original bet.

Going for the maximum

Maximum bets generate prizes that are more lucrative. It is therefore, the best strategy that can be used in the game since it has no progressive jackpots, bonus rounds, wilds or scatters.

Start the party today. Play Party Line now.

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