Online Slot Little Britain Multiply Your Wins By 1,000X!

Online Slot Little Britain Multiply Your Wins By 1,000X! 5.00/5 (100.00%) 1 vote

Little Britain surpasses other online slot games when it comes to profitability. To note, the lowest win multiplier that it shares is 500. At the maximum, a player can get rewards that are a  1,000 times bigger than his or her original bet. Making it even more profitable are the 10 free spins to exploit.

little britain

The bonus rounds

Little Britain is comprised of several lucrative bonus rounds that a player can use in their advantage. Since these rounds offer win multipliers, the game ensures that a member can fatten their bankroll easily

  • Vicky Pollard ASBO Bonus – This round can multiply your winnings by up to 750.
  • Lou and Andy’s Love It Bonus – This is the most lucrative bonus round of all. It can easily multiply one’s rewards by a whooping 1,000
  • Marjorie Dawes Fat Fighters Bonus – Similar to that of Vicky Pollard, this will also make your prize 500 times bigger than your original bet
  • Dafydd’s Big Gay Bonus – Again, another bonus round with a 500X multiplier
  • Emily Howard’s Lady Things Bonus –The last but not the least of Little Britain’s bonus feature. Similar to other bonus rounds, it also highlights a 500X win multiplier 

Indeed, the above-mentioned features are lucrative. But how do players trigger it? It’s plain and simple, the bonus symbol simply needs to appear on the 1st, 3rd and 5th reels. Afterwards, the players shall be asked to spin a wheel. The character in which the pointer stops, shall determine the player’s bonus feature.
Are you ready to multiply your wins by a thousand? If you are, you make your first Little Britain spin today!

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