How Online Casinos Calculate Your Winnings

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Did you ever think of how online casinos calculate your winnings? At a glance, it seems that the answer to such question is too trivial. At the end of the day, what is more important is you get what is due and you do not get ripped off. Come to think about it, knowing the math behind it can be too cumbersome. But don’t you really care?


Payout percentage

Just in case you are curious, it is the payout percentage, which has the say over the winnings that you get.


When you say payout percentage, it refers to the expected amount of cash that the house shall return to you over time. This percentage is not exclusive to casino sites. Brick and mortar casinos have been using this method too. Yet, with online casinos, it is the software provider that determines this percentage.


So for example, if the house says that it will be giving a 95% payout on slots, it means that it will retain a 5% profit for every bet that you will place. It does not automatically apply though. As the stated in the definition, it happens “over time.” Thus, if you win on your first bet and doubled your money, this means that you are getting more than the 95% payout percentage. But as you continue to play and lose, your payout percentage is already approaching the 95% line. Just think of the law of diminishing returns when you think of the payout percentage.

No other way

If you are asking if you there are other ways that casinos compute your winnings, you might find yourself in a dead end.


The payout percentage has already proven itself as the most efficient and just way of knowing how to aid in calculating the winning amount.



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