Multiply The Wheels, Multiply Your Winnings Up To 35X In Multi-Wheel Roulette

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Multi-roulette wheel is  a giant leap from the traditional online roulette gaming. As if a single wheel is never enough, it features 6 roulettes, shifting the full advantage to avid players, who can get an irresistible 35 to 1 payout.

Payouts, however, are not the sole feature to look forward in this game. It showcases an impressive use of technology that made the 6 roulettes highly realistic , you will immediately forget Las Vegas.

Combine it with the spinning sound effects  and you get an authentic roulette experience within your comfort zones.

12BET Casino Multi Wheel Roulette Winning Combination

You can get bigger winnings than this and a guaranteed cashback too!

House rules

Multi-wheel roulette follows the same rules as that of traditional roulette. Pick a number, color or number range, place your best bets forward and collect your winnings. Never mind if one of the wheels becomes uncooperative, you still have 5 more left which can guarantee a win.

Better than traditional roulette?

This game has the edge over other roulette game variants. As mentioned, you have the full advantage. Here are several factors that will push you to take advantage of Multi-wheel roulette.

  • The 6 wheels – With traditional roulette, your options to spread your risks are more limited than this one. As discussed, one of the wheels may not go in your favor, but there are 5 more wheels left to ensure your win. Assuming that you wager on the red ones, one ball may fall on the black, but there is no reason to panic for you still win if the 5 remaining ones fall on color red.
  • Multiple betting  - It is not only the 6 wheels which will lower your risks. Apart from that, multiple betting is likewise featured.

    12BET Casino Multi-Wheel Roulette Multiple Betting

    Multiple bets = bigger wins!

Hint: Wagering on red/ black and odd/ even bets are profitable wagers. Nail the straight up bet and get the 35 to 1 payout!
  • Flexibility – You have the option to deactivate one or more wheels. Simply click the ones you want to disable and you are good to go.
Less risks, more fun

Playing Multi-wheel roulette in 12BET Casino becomes even more exciting. At the end of the week, an unlimited cashback is patiently waiting for you.

Multiply the wheels and multiply your winnings, only in 12BET Casino!

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