Money Wheel Offers Foolproof Way To Losing And Multiplies Prizes BY 47X!

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Money Wheel is a no nonsense online casino game, which shares a striking resemblance to the popular Wheel Of Fortune.


However, Money Wheel’s difference stems from the fact that it does  not leave you empty-handed and most importantly, it multiplies your winnings for up to 47X.


How to play

With Money Wheel, the only thing you need to do is choose a symbol and spin. Each symbol has a corresponding win multiplier that will determine your prize.


As mentioned, the highest prize multiplier you can exploit is 47, whilst the lowest is 1.

Money Wheel

Once you take your pick, simply press the spin button and you are good to go. Somehow, Money Wheel can be also described as yet another derivative or variant of the popular table game, roulette.


Advantages of playing Money Wheel

Money Wheel does not only entertain you. It also gives you  opportunities to further increase your bankroll and have a more meaningful online casino gaming experience. The advantages of this particular game can be fairly summed up into several points:


  1. Easy to understand – this game does not require rocket science for you to understand. Simply choose a symbol, spin the wheel and you are done.
  2. You hardly lose -  this may sound too good to be true, but indeed, you hardly lose at Money Wheel.  Unlike your typical Wheel of Fortune or roulette, it does not have “bankrupt” or “0” in the wheel. The smallest winning amount you can get in this game is even money.


If you are tired of casino games that do not work, Money Wheel is the ultimate solution to your casino gaming needs.

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