Lower The House Advantage With Live French Roulette

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If you think that the best way to win in roulette is to steal the money when the dealer is not looking, this only means that you are not that familiar with your roulette variants. Also, you must have forgotten that this cannot be done in online casinos. 

However, there is roulette variant, which gives the utmost advantage to players. This is no other than the online casino game,  Live French roulette. 

What’s the difference?

Live French roulette best resembles European roulette. Both roulette variants has a single 0.  From this aspect alone, you can already see your advantage. 

The use of a single zero instead of 2 as that of American roulette means you have higher winning possibilities in French roulette. 

Another difference is the table layout. For the French variant, only the red numbers can be seen on the table layout. The black ones are seen only in the wheel. 

12BET Casino Live French Roulette Table Layout

Table layout for live French roulette


12BET Casino Roulette Table Layout

Typical live roulette table layout

La Partage

One thing that makes French roulette stand out is the La Partage rule. Under this rule, even of the ball landed on 0, you do not lose everything. 

As a matter of fact, you still get half of your bets in this wager. This is much better than getting nothing at all. 

Why play live French roulette?

As mentioned, you have the edge in this game. The La Partage rule alone already guarantees that you will never go home empty-handed. To add to that, the fact that you can place multiple bets already minimizes your risk. 

Another advantage is seeing and playing the game in real time. It is like playing in a land-based casino without leaving the comfort of your home. 

12BET Casino Live French Roulette Winning Combination

You can win too! Get ready with your bets and unleash the roulette champ in you!

But perhaps getting a daily bonus and a weekly unlimited cashback are 2 of the most important reasons behind playing live French roulette. 

As you enjoy this game here in 12BET Casino, you get your everyday reward of up to MYR 200 and cashback. You can get as many cashbacks as you want every week! 

Fatten your bank account instantly in Live French roulette. Start your winning streak now!

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