Is Pontoon Better Than Blackjack?

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Pontoon is pretty much like your casino game online,  blackjack. Your total card value should be 21 or at least close to it. Busting, of course is a mortal sin.

If you are already familiar with blackjack, pontoon is just a piece of cake.

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Pontoon versus blackjack

Blackjack and Pontoon may be similar to each other, but still, they are 2 different games. Their differences lie from the following:

  1. 2 hands that beat 21 – In Pontoon, there are 2 hands that beat 21. These are pontoon which is comprised of an Ace and a 10 or any picture card and the five card trick. The latter is made up of 5 different cards with a total value of 21. As long as these cards do not bust, the five card trick will always win
  2. The cards – For Pontoon, all of the dealer’s cards are facing down
    12BET Casino Pontoon versus Blackjack 1

    Dealer receives face down cards in Pontoon


    12BET Casino Pontoon versus Blackjack

    One of the dealer’s cards in blackjack is revealed

  3. Pontoon has no insurance
  4. The dealer wins during a tie in Pontoon
  5. You can only stand if your card value is 15
  6. You can get as many cards as you want after doubling
  7. Splitting cards in pontoon is permitted as long as it is of equal rank or card value
  8. After the split and one of your hands get an ace and a ten or a picture card, this will be considered as Pontoon.
Hand rankings

Like Poker, Pontoon also observes a hierarchy of hands. Here is what you must bear in mind.

  1. Pontoon  – made up of an ace a 10 or any picture card
  2. Five card trick – comprised of 5 different cards with a total value of 21
  3. 21 – 3-4 cards with a cumulative value of 21
  4. High total – 2 to 4 cards with a value of 21
  5. Bust –a hand with cards that have a value of more than 21
Multiple betting

Pontoon permits multiple betting, allowing you to spread your risks and get bigger wins.

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