Increase Your Bankroll For Up To 2,500X In Banana Monkey

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Playing the slot game, Banana Monkey is a quick way to get free spins and triple one’s winnings in a snap. Likewise, it gives the players a chance to increase their bankroll by 2,500.

With all the fun and excitement that it brings, this 5-reel 20-line slots machine is worthy of one’s time and attention.

12BET Casino Banana Monkey Winning Combination

Enter the progressive jackpot to win even more!

Up to 2,500X bigger wins

Via the wild symbol’s help, players can easily form winning combinations through replacing other images. 

Moreover, whenever 5 wilds appear, bets are multiplied by 2,500. 

12BET Casino Banana Monkey Wild

Triple your winnings and freebies

The banana serves as the game’s bonus symbol. Every banana that appears is placed in the basket. 

Once the basket has already accumulated 4 bananas, it will trigger the free spins. As mentioned, players can get up to 8 free spins and at the same time, triple one’s winnings. 

12BET Casino Banana Monkey Bonus Symbol

Bonus game

Apart from the above-mentioned winnings, there is still a bonus round where members can gain even more. The cute monkey, which is also the game’s scatter triggers this round. To do this, it must appear on reels 1, 3 and 5. 

12BET Casino Banana Monkey Scatter

The bonus round is a bit different. Instead of spinning the reels, a skill-based game appears. The player needs to move the monkey via pressing the up, down and move button. 

As the monkey move from one tree to another, it must collect those dangling bananas. If 25 bananas are collected, the player wins the progressive jackpot. 

Meanwhile, there is nothing to worry if there are missed bananas. Every banana collected is multiplied to the player’s total bet. Some of them can also double one’s winnings. No player will go home empty-handed. 

Start spinning your way to victory! Play Banana Monkey today!

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