Get Up To 10,000X Of Prizes In Roulette Without Making A Spin

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Win up to 10,000X bigger in roulette without even spinning the wheels! You heard it right, you can get such big prize without making a single spin in 12BET Casino’s Roulette scratch card. 

If there is one thing that makes this game similar to your typical roulette, this is no other than securing number matches. 

12BET Casino Roulette Scratch Winning Combination

A simple scratch is the only thing you need to win! Win more with our great bonuses!

How to play

Since this is a different game, this also requires a different way to play. But never worry for this is easy and simple too. 

What you need to do is choose a scratch card. You have the option to change or shuffle your cards freely.

Scratch the card. You win if you get number matches. The more matches you have, the higher and bigger your winnings. You can also scratch the cards manually or if you want it to be more convenient, let the machine do it for you. 

Is it better than roulette?

Roulette’s scratch card “variant,” has its own set of advantages over the typical roulette you know. 

In the scratch card, you have 5 chances. In the spinning roulette, you only have a single chance to wager. However, you can place multiple bets in the latter. 

Both games are equally simple and easy. Your game objective remains the same. But the manner in which you play it, differs. 

In terms of the prizes at stake, both games are lucrative. Both the traditional roulette and its scratch card version can generate life-changing wins. As mentioned, you can get up to 10,000X worth of prizes. 

Lastly, you have longer playing time in the scratch card version. With bets that are as low as €0.05, your bankroll can go a long way! 

Added rewards and bonuses

As you play this game in 12BET Casino, you will immediately get a daily bonus. An unlimited cashback is also in store for you at the end of the week. If you are a newly registered member, there is a great Welcome Package up to MYR 2,200 fit for you! 

Have a break from the usual spinning of the wheels. Have some variety and reward yourself with awesome prizes in 12BET Casino’s Roulette scratch card.

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