Get Royal Rewards In 12BET Casino’s 2 Ways Royal

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Play like a king in 12BET Casino’s 2 Ways Royal. This popular online casino game is characterized by its amazing payouts and high winning chances in one click!


That winning combination

A guaranteed win awaits you after securing a strong 5-card poker hand. Majority of video poker games use this as their win condition. 

2 Ways Royal, however, is a bit different. In fact, it has more winning combinations compared to other video poker games.

What separates it is the 2 types of royal flushes, hence the name 2 Ways Royal. It has the Hi and Lo Royal Flush.

The two royal flushes

The Hi Royal flush is consists of the following cards: 10, J, Q, K and Ace under the same suit. Meanwhile, the Lo Royal Flush is made up of 2,3,4,5 and 6. 

Both of these winning combinations give the highest payouts. Increase your bankroll instantly with these poker hands. 

Compared to other games, only the Hi Royal Flush gets the biggest reward. The odds of hitting this combination is a bit slim. Yet, with the Lo Royal Flush around, your winning possibilities have nowhere to go but up. 

Playing the game

Here is a step by step guide in playing 2 Ways Royal

  1. Place your bets. You can wager for as low as €0.01.
  2. Choose between Bet One or Bet Max. For bigger winnings, it is best to choose the Bet Max option.
  3. Select the cards that you want to retain by clicking the “Hold” button.
  4. Click “deal.”
  5. The cards that you did not choose will be replaced and you win if your hand gets a winning combination. 

12BET Casino 2 Ways Royal Winning Combination


On choosing cards

You can choose as many cards as you want. Unless you have a strong hand, you can select all cards. However, if it does not form any combination at all, be very careful with all your choices. 

Also, you can only change your cards once. 

Never let this chance to enjoy a great video poker game and grab tons of prizes. Start winning today at 12BET Casino!

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