Feel The Caribbean Heat In Caribbean Stud Poker

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Caribbean Stud Poker is a phenomenal online casino game that struck card game lovers around the world.

Easy to play and overflowing with huge rewards, this is indeed, a profitable casino game online.

Your mission

Your sole mission in Caribbean Stud Poker is to secure a strong 5-card poker hand that will beat the dealer.

To do this, you must be familiar with the different hand hierarchies in poker. But if you already know how poker is played, this gives you an outright advantage over the house.

Other than the advantage, this also means bigger and larger winning opportunities.


Gaming basics

Here is a step-by-step guide on how you play this game at 12BET Casino.

  1. Place your ante bet. You can also bet on the progressive jackpot if you want to increase your winnings.
  2. Press the “deal” button to start the card distribution.
  3. Both of you and the dealer will receive 5 cards. Unlike the dealer, all of your 5 cards are revealed during the distribution. The dealer, on the other hand will only have his 1st card revealed.
  4. The dealer’s four cards will be revealed only after you choose between the “call” and “fold” option. If you choose call, this means that you will go against the dealer’s hand. But if you choose fold, this means you surrender and the game is already over.

Aside from these steps, you must remember other important things:

  1. If a dealer’s hand does not contain a King or an Ace or even a higher combination, the dealer does not qualify.
  2. Needless to say, you lose all your bets if the dealer gets a stronger hand
  3. In the event where the dealer has a King or an Ace but you have a higher hand, you win.

Check the pay table constantly to see and verify your winning amount.

The progressive jackpot

As mentioned, Caribbean Stud poker includes a progressive jackpot. To get this, you must nail a royal flush.

Big payouts, challenging and exciting, this is what Caribbean Stud Poker is all about. A big progressive jackpot is currently waiting for you at 12BET Casino. Get it before it is too late.

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