€200,000 Pot Money Continues To Grow In 12BET Casino’s Progressive Live Baccarat

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If you enjoyed the RNG version of progressive baccarat, you will have more fun when you play it live. Get the best of baccarat, see lovely dealers and have a chance on that huge progressive jackpot! 

12BET Casino Progressive Live Baccarat

House rules

Simply because you are playing it live already means that you have to deal with more complicated house rules. It does not go that way in progressive live baccarat. Standard rules still, apply—plus it goes with another bonus and this is no other than the pretty and lovely dealers that facilitate the game. 

Side bets rundown

Wagering on side bets is one of the game’s lucrative features. Hit a side bet and add this to your total winnings. You can place the following side bets:

a.       Perfect pair – the dealer and the player gets a pair of cards under the same suit

b.      Big – you predict that the total number of cards dealt between the banker and player is 5 to 6

c.       Small – the total number of cards dealt is 4

d.      Player, banker or either – the player, banker or either of the two gets a pair 

Side bets are purely optional so you have nothing to worry if you do not wish to place one. But if you want to have a bigger bankroll, wagering on side bets will do the trick. 

Progressive jackpot

To win the progressive jackpot, the banker and player must get an Ace and 8 of the same suit. Currently, the jackpot at stake is more than €200,000 already and still, getting bigger!

12BET Casino Progressive Live Baccarat Jackpot

Play now! This huge prize has been waiting for you!

3 winning opportunities

On a closer look, you have 3 great opportunities to fatten your bankroll. First, you have the winnings from the actual game. Next, you have the side bets, which also yield great amounts. Lastly,  you have the progressive jackpot, which, can give you a life-changing win. 

By the way, there is a fourth one. As you play progressive live baccarat in 12BET Casino, you get a daily bonus and of course, the sought-after unlimited weekly cashback! 

Show-off your skills and start winning in progressive live baccarat today!

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