Casino 101: How To Deposit And Withdraw Cash

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Questions on how to deposit and withdraw money from one’s online casino account always are major concerns of both newbies and veterans.

Withdraw and Deposit
Green horns often begged for answers that will guide them on how they will push through with the processes involved in depositing and withdrawing their money. But for the veterans, these questions are asked simply to verify if the method observed by their chosen casinos are different from the ones that they have already tried.


So how do these things really work?


Usually, there are several methods used when making a deposit. These are the following:

  • Credit cards – Indeed, one can use their credit cards when depositing cash. But they have to check the credit card preference of the online casino involved to avoid confusion.
  • Debit cards – The use of debit cards follows the same process as that of the credit card.
  • Wire transfers – When making a wire transfer, just make sure that you get the SWIFT CODE correctly, prior to transferring your hard-earned cash.
  • E-wallets –  E-wallets such as PayPal, Skrill etc. are also used to give more convenience to members.



Withdrawals can be also performed through the use of wire transfers and E-wallets. However, before making your first withdrawal, you must first know the withdrawal policy of your online casino.


More often than not, casino sites observe a limit to the amount of cash that you want to withdraw. Big withdrawals, say a $100,000 takes a different protocol than that of a $100 withdrawal. If the requested amount is beyond the limit set by the casino, you might need to wait a little longer.


Casino sites need to be more thorough when checking the person’s identity prior to approving a withdrawal request. This is not performed to cause burden to the players. Rather, it is more of valuing one’s security.


Making a deposit and withdrawal are two (2) of the most important transactions that you will perform in an online casino. It is therefore necessary that you understand this process thoroughly to avoid confusions and frustrations.


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