Card Wheel Is The New Roulette

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Card Wheel is a unique online casino game, which multiplies your winnings for up to 51X.


It is akin to that of online roulette, except that it uses a deck of cards instead of the typical roulette wheel that you know. It has its own specialized wheel though in order to determine the winning number, numbers or combinations.

 Card Wheel- 350

How to play the game

Card Wheel is played like your typical roulette. You need to place your wagers on several betting options, which are carefully laid out of the table.


You might find this game a total bore at first. You might think that it is a trivial one. However, the presence of the joker cards, or if placed into the context of roulette—the zeros, makes Card Wheel a challenging, yet easy to understand casino game.


Types of bets

Different betting options exist in card wheel and these are the following:

  1. Single card – This means you are betting on a single card. It has the highest payout. Under this bet, you can multiply your winnings by 51.
  2. Two cards – You are betting on 2 cards. It pays 25 to 1.
  3. Four cards – A bet on four cards and pay 12 to 1.
  4. Single rank – A bet on four cards that share a similar value. It pays 12 to 1
  5. Two rank – Betting on 2 single ranks. This yields to a 5 to 1 payout
  6. Three ranks – Betting on 3 single ranks and pays 3 to
  7. Suit bets – Betting on a row of cards, which share a similar suit. It pays 3 to 1.
  8. Odd/ Even – This one is self-explanatory. It gives you even money
  9. Red/ Black – Another self-explanatory type of bet and likewise, you get even money from this one.
  10. Joker bet – Also one of the best with the highest payout. Under this wager, you predict that the wheel will stop on any of the joker cards. It pays 51 to 1.
  11. Over/ Under – Cards that are from eight (8) to King fall under the over bet, and the remaining half is of course, categorized as under bets.


If you want a different approach to roulette and get winnings that are bigger than what is expected,  start enjoying card wheel now.

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