Blackjack Perfect Pair Shares The Perfect Prize

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Blackjack Perfect Pair is a casino game, which does not disappoint players in terms of having their bankroll overflow with cold cash. The winnings prizes are just too high, a member can easily get prizes, which are 30X bigger than their original bet.


How it works

Blackjack perfect pair is not too different from the typical blackjack. Players are required to form a stronger hand than the dealer via securing a hand that has a total value of twenty-one (21).

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However, it has a side betting option, which allows members to wager for pairs, thus, the name, Blackjack perfect pair.
The above-mentioned betting option is purely optional. You can skip it. Yet, always remember that by doing so, you are also passing on a great opportunity to win more cash.


The side betting options

There are three (3) side betting options offered in this game. These are:

  1. Mixed pair – This is consists of cards that have the same value but of different suits and color. It pays 5 to 1.
  2. Coloured pair – This one is self-explanatory. This pair is comprised of cards with the same color but of different suit. The payout for this pair is 10 to 1.
  3. Perfect pair – This side bet pays the highest. Whenever you get cards that have identical values and belong to the same suit, your side bet is multiplied by 30.


Blackjack perfect pair is indeed, one of the most perfect card games that you could ever play online. If you are ready to take the challenge, thrill and of course, the big prizes, this is the blackjack variant that you can readily take advantage of.

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