10,000 Worth Of Winnings Available In X-Men Scratch

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Famous X-Men characters are back to give a new and unadulterated brand of entertainment. Entering the scratch card scene, Wolverine, Professor X and even the infamous villains such as Magneto and Mystique are ready to reward prizes, which are 10,000X bigger than the players’ original bet.

In X-Men scratch, players would have to choose from six (6) cards. If they’re feeling lucky, they can take all cards. Members playing with more cards, have higher winning possibilities.


X-Men scratches all your worries away with great prizes and features!

Compared to other scratch games, X-Men has managed to compile all 6 cards into a single platform. One does not have to wait until the game is over before he or she can play with another card. Now, convenience speaks.

Convenience, however, is not the sole thrust of this game. X-Men features one of the very firsts in the history of scratch gaming—a wild symbol and several winning combinations.

Similar to slots, the wild helps the player form a match. It replaces or substitutes for another symbol to secure a winning combination.

Speaking of winning combinations, players also win when they get two (2) hero or villain symbols in a card and of course, identical symbols, always generate a bankroll increase. Overall, a player can form three (3) possible winning patterns.

Never settle for limited and small wins when playing scratch games. With X-Men scratch, the winning possibilities are closed to being limitless!

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