You Are A Big Winner In Roulette Pro

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Equipped with advanced and sophisticated features, Roulette Pro’s user-friendly interface will make you enjoy this casino game online even more. 

Play with fewer clicks and explore new options that will turn your ordinary gaming day into an extraordinary one. 

Features that you will love 

Racetrack view  - A racetrack view is included in the gaming screen. Here, roulette numbers are all lined up. Placing bets becomes less confusing since you can refer to both the racetrack view and the roulette wheel instantly. Similarly, it helps you to better understand the different types of roulette bets.


Double bet – Usually, you click twice when you want to double your bets. In Roulette Pro, however, you only need to click the double bet button and you are good to go.

Call bets

Call bets are also present in Roulette Pro. The more bets you place, the higher is your winning possibilities. Always remember that in roulette, it is important that you spread your risks via making multiple bets. Here is a list of call bets that you can expect from Roulette Pro:

Voisins du Zero

This is a combination of the split, triple and corner bets. Choosing this option means you are betting on 17 numbers.


A tier bet is a player’s favorite. For this, you are betting on twelve (12) numbers and you do this via placing six (6) split bets.


As for the orphelin bet, this means that you are wagering on eight (8) numbers.


Numbers from 0 to 9 will appear if you click the final button. If you choose 5, you are not only betting on that number but also on other numbers that end in 5, thus the term “final.”

Playing at 12BET Casino

To start playing this game at 12BET Casino, all you have to do is register and download the casino client.

If you prefer to play in your browser rather than downloading, you can always use its Instant Play feature.

With great features plus the fact that you can increase your winnings due to multiple betting, Roulette Pro is indeed, a must-try game here  in 12BET Casino.

Start playing today and be one of 12BET Casino’s biggest winners today.


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