Why Players Win More And Enjoy More In Video Roulette

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Video roulette’s superb features prove that a little dose of imagination can do wonders in a game that slowly drags players to boredom.video roulette

Sleek and edgy

Video roulette’s cutting-edge look separates it from other online roulette games. Deceiving but remarkably outstanding, it draws you into the illusion and feel of playing a live game. The moment you make that first spin, a dealer appears and facilitates the game. The dealer is real and so is the roulette wheel. But there are no chat options. There’s no television set that feeds a live stream. It will take you a moment or two to realize that what you saw is nothing but a plain video—that in the end, you’re still playing an RNG game.

Other roulette variants can only provide you with 3D images. Yet, upon experiencing video roulette, you’ll realize that the former is merely a futile attempt to capture a realistic gaming activity.

Bring down the house

Presentation is not the only distinct feature of video roulette. It observes the famous La Partage rule where players get half of their bets even if the ball falls on zero (0).

Online roulette games rarely offer the La Partage rule and the reason is obvious. It lowers the house edge and increases the player’s winning possibilities.


The game history is a key factor in creating strategies. However, information overload can get in the way. Fortunately, only your game is tracked by video roulette. To make things more convenient, it features a heat map where you can clearly identify the most profitable bets.

It is said that the only way to beat roulette is to burn it. Video roulette, however, proves it otherwise.

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