Marvel Roulette: Slots And Roulette Rolled Into One

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For the first time in the history of online casino gaming, two (2) of the most popular games (slot and roulette), come together in a unique game known as Marvel Roulette.

Marvel roulette features a special wheel and table. It has a special slot for the so-called Marvel Bonus, where members can enjoy online slots.

marvel roulette

In terms of roulette rules, nothing has really changed so players do not have to be confused. They just have to play roulette normally and wait for the ball to land on the bonus feature.

Just like in roulette, this game does not follow any special rules when playing slots. Players, however, will only deal with classic slots.

But even this is just a 3-reeled slot machine, the point is, the players have 2 equally great winning opportunities. The game becomes even more profitable since all members have the chance to bring home one of its 4 progressive jackpots. And we all know how progressive jackpots work and how big they can get.

Play slots, play roulette or play them both, you get all of them in Marvel Roulette.

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