Less Means More In Mini Roulette—Get Up To 11X Of Prizes In This Roulette Variant

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Do you wish roulette had fewer numbers so winning becomes a lot easier? Fortunately, players in 12BET Casino no longer need to daydream.

Their long time wish materializes and is fully granted in the online casino’s Mini Roulette! Not only does this make winning a lot easier for members. Players can also get prizes that are up to 11X bigger than their original bet! 

Less is more

Instead of the usual 36 numbers, only 12 numbers are included in the roulette wheel. To make it even more enjoyable and profitable, it features a single zero. Rules do not change and so are the bets that members can place. 

Playing the game

Members can wager for as low as 10c or as big as €30. Players with bigger bets, get bigger prizes. 

To play, members simply need to place their wagers on a specific number, range of numbers or color. 

Upon placing their best, they simply need to click the spin button. They can immediately claim their winnings should their wagers show up. 

Underneath the spin button are the results of the previous spins, which, helps the players identify the possible gaming patterns and therefore, strategize. 

The straight up bet delivers the biggest payout, which is 11 to 1. For this wager, you are betting on a specific number. 

In Mini Roulette, players have more confidence placing the above-mentioned bet due to the game’s high winning possibilities. 

12BET Casino Mini Roulette Win

The profitable bets

The odd/ even and black/ red  are the most profitable bets not only in mini roulette, but also other roulette variants.

For those who want to increase their winnings, placing multiple bets is likewise, recommended. Apparently, multiple betting works best under this game. 


Min roulette already exhibits high winning possibilities. But in 12BET Casino, players win even more. Asia’s undisputed online casino delivers guaranteed daily bonuses and superb cashbacks at the end of the week!

For players looking for a great place to play mini roulette, 12BET Casino is definitely the place to play!

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