Get Premium Surprises In Premium American Roulette

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With added features, American Premium Roulette brings flexibility, real casino experience and most of all, great winning opportunities to players.

An upgrade of the American Roulette, it comes with a dynamic interface and sophisticated design that closely resembles the environment in land-based casinos. 

12BET Casino Premium American Roulette Winning Combination

The table’s color

Do you prefer red, blue or green? Yes, you can freely change the table’s color. Whatever your mood is, all you have to do is click the “color” button on the screen. 

Choose red for good luck and great fortune.If you prefer a calm ambiance, you can always go for a blue table.

12BET Casino Premium American Roulette Green

But if you want to lessen the stress of being exposed to the computer for too long, you can change the color to green. 

Split and standard view

For better viewing—so you will not be confused in placing your bets, you can choose between the split and standard view. 

Have a close up view of American roulette action with the standard view.

12BET Casino Premium American Roulette Standard View

Meanwhile, if you want to have a larger view of the table and at the same time, see the roulette wheel spin, go for the split view. 

Stats panel

If there is one feature that you will truly love and enjoy in this casino game online, this is the History and Statistics panel. 

It outlines the results of your previous spins and tabulates it in a bar graph for better monitoring. Bigger bar graphs mean that a particular number has consistently showed up during the previous gaming sessions. 

Favorite bets

Throw away those pens and papers. You do not need that to remember your most profitable bets. Simply click the favorite bet button and all your records are saved instantly. 

There is no use to exert too much effort just to experience the challenge and thrill of American Roulette. Why travel and waste time and energy when you can enjoy everything in one click?

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