What Is French Roulette?

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Two (2) types of roulette exist. These are the American and French roulette. Yet, between the two, many players prefer the latter. This preference is evident in both land-based and online casinos. 

What is with French roulette that makes it appealing to many players? 

French versus American roulette

One of the most evident differences between the two is the zero. Compared to the American roulette, the French roulette has only one zero. 

If you are playing in land-based casinos, you will also notice that American roulette uses different colored chips for every bettor. Its French counterpart, on the other hand, simply uses the standard casino chips, which some players find a bit confusing. In addition, the table used in French roulette is also larger. 

A Roulette Wheel

Why is it popular?

The very reason behind the popularity of French roulette is the low house advantage. This means that players have better chances of winning. In French roulette, the house advantage is pegged at 2.7%, whereas for the American roulette, the advantage is at 5.3%. The latter’s higher house advantage is due to the 0 and 00 in the wheel. 

Online and live French roulette

Due to technological advancement, the popularity of French roulette has also reached the online world. More and more players are now playing this game online. Other than the higher winning probabilities, there are other reasons that best explain its appeal. One of this is convenience. In one click, one can already start playing. Another reason is accessibility. Players do not need to spend hours in travelling. Relatively, it is more expensive since the indirect costs of playing in brick and mortar casinos no longer matter. 

Meanwhile, should players wish to experience live casino action, they can still get that from online casinos. Casino providers such as 12BET Casino, for example, offer, live roulette. Here, players see live dealers, real roulette wheel and interact with real people. 

Backed by the thrill and excitement, better winning chances and of course, its accessibility online, there is no doubt that French roulette would always be a top pick of many players.

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