The Scourge of Prop Bets

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Proposition bets are very common when playing craps in a Malaysian online casino. Although this is a norm, such approach may not really deliver good results. In certain cases, this may even deplete your bankroll.

What are proposition bets?
Proposition bets can be understood in several ways. First, it can refer to a “dare,” where the challenged individual get paid when he performs the seemingly impossible required task or he pays if he accepts the bet but fails to perform the challenge.

In online casino gaming, this is perceived as a wager on the occurrence or non-occurrence of a particular event even if such has no direct bearing or effect on the game’s outcome.

Such wagers are dominantly observed in casino games such as craps, blackjack and even poker.

Banking on prop bets
In general, novelty wagers are discouraged. It hardly lowers the house edge. Instead, it does the opposite.

The problem with prop bets, most especially if understood within the context of playing craps, is the accompanying randomness of every throw.

Similar to the Monte Carlo fallacy, it does not necessarily mean that a red will most likely come out after a series of black have appeared—in the same way that each of the possible combinations in craps all have an equal possibility of showing up again.

Usually, when prop bets are applied in craps, the best advice is to take a look at the payout offered. The higher the payout, the less likely that it will appear.

Due to this, it is highly recommended for players to use a betting plan instead of capitalizing on prop bets.


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