Bring Las Vegas Into Your House With 3D Roulette

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Two (2) factors paved way for the creation of 3D roulette. First is the  player’s increasing demand for high quality casino table games—one that give a better user experience—one that deviates from the automated look and feel.

Lastly, there is the player’s utmost need for a realistic and almost live gaming platform. 

Stepping up to the challenge, leading game developers like Playtech, created 3D roulette. 

3D roulette at a glance

Included in 12BET Casino’s extensive roster of games, 3D roulette brings the excitement that one gets from playing roulette in Las Vegas. It delivers a rich casino experience into the player’s own house. 

Super features 

Sophisticated graphics and images

The game shall not be called as 3D roulette if not for its state of the art graphics and images. On a closer look, one will think that what they see is the real thing. The game’s design is too iconic and readily resembles a spinning roulette. 

Great sounds

Graphics are not the only factor that makes this game appealing. Along with it is the sound’s high quality. 

Players can hear the sound of a spinning ball in the wheel. In addition, you can hear a professional dealer announcing the outcome of every spin. 

Betting systems

Players can use different betting systems to increase their winning chances. These are the following: 

  • Based on color – The player can capitalize with this kind of bet. They can put their wagers either on red or black.
  • Odd and even bets – Players need to predict whether the ball will fall on an even or odd number
  • High and low bets – Numbers from 0 to 19 are low numbers while those that are from 19 to 36 are known to be high numbers. 

These three (3) betting approaches are considered to be the most profitable as it increases the player’s edge against the house. 

For those who want to enjoy roulette to the fullest without leaving their own houses, 3D roulette is indeed a must-try online casino game.

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