The Basics Of Online Sic Bo

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In Asia, consider a casino incomplete if there is no Sic Bo. This game, although it may look too intimidating to many, has not lost its appeal. As a matter of fact, it has already reached the United States, Canada and other parts of Europe. 

Sic Bo is often dubbed as one of the hardest games to play due to its high house advantage. However, with the right strategy, winning can be very easy. 

How it all started

Also known as Tai Sai or Dai Siu, Sic Bo uses three dice. To win, the player must predict the outcome of the three dice after it has been rolled. 

The game’s humble beginning is said to originate in China. Long before dice were invented, bricks were initially used. With scribbles and numbers written, workers would usually throw these bricks up in the air to determine the winner. However, since bricks are dangerous, it was replaced by the dice. 

Sic Bo Dice

But it was not only the bricks that were placed. The manner in which the game is played has been changed as well. Nowadays, when you play online live sic bo in online casinos, the dice are no longer thrown into the air. Instead, it is placed in a cage where it is rolled. 

The bets

There are many bets that you can make in Sic Bo. Yet, for newbies, the basic bets that can be placed are the following: big, small, even, odd and a combination. A big bet assumes that the outcome of the three dice would be something between 11 and 17. On the other hand, for the small ones, the result is between 4 and 10. Even bets are easy to understand. Under this context, the player assumes that the outcome would be an even number. The same principle is observed in odd bets. 

Key to winning

Two proven tips to winning sic bo is to take advantage of the big and small bets since these two always come up. Another way is to make a combined bet. For example, one can place a small bet and an even bet at the same time. In this manner, the player can easily spread out the risks and therefore increase his or her winning chances. 

Sic Bo is definitely a must-try game. Again, when it comes to increasing one’s winning possibilities, all that one needs is to simply understand the game and how it works. 

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