6 Different Roulette Variants To Take Advantage Of

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Now you don’t have to worry about not having enough time to play roulette in land-based casinos. You can still have your dose of roulette in online casinos such as 12BET. As a matter of fact, you’ll be surprised by the different roulette variants offered in the game. 

Roulette (RNG)

This is the most common type of roulette game that you would encounter. Here, you go against the machine. You have nothing to doubt since, most especially if the provider is a reputable one.

A Roulette Wheel

Live roulette

Live roulette uses a real roulette wheel. Likewise, the game is broadcasted in real time. There’s also a live dealer supervising it. 

12BET Casino Chat Option Live Roulette

Video roulette

Video roulette is a major take-off in the roulette world. You’d be surprised to know that this is actually run by a random number generator (RNG). Whenever you make a spin, a video of a live dealer and a roulette wheel appear. The video capture is simply superb to make you fall into an illusion.

But aside from that, video roulette also brags the heat map feature, which advises you the hottest and profitable bets that show up in the game. 

video roulette

Mini roulette

Just because the term “mini” is used, already means that a smaller roulette wheel is used. This is not how this game goes. What you’ll get instead, is a roulette wheel that has twelve (12) numbers only.

Why play mini roulette? The answer is plain and simple. You have higher winning possibilities in this game. Since only a few numbers have to share with the winning odds, rest assured that each number gets a high winning possibility.


Marvel roulette

Marvel roulette is another major innovation in roulette. This is the only roulette variant where you can play slots too! Impossible? Play it to believe it.

Marvel roulette has a modified wheel and table, it has the marvel slot pocket. If the ball drops on the pocket, you get to play slots.


Multi-Wheel roulette

As the term “multi” suggests, you are playing not just with one (1), but six (6) wheels. Multi-wheel also increases your winning chances. If one of your bets don’t show up in one of the wheels, there’s another wheel that can salvage your wager.

12BET Casino Multi Wheel Roulette Winning Combination

You can get bigger winnings than this and a guaranteed cashback too!

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