5 Winning Tips To Beat The House When Playing Online Sic Bo

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To win in Sic Bo, players need to predict the outcome of three (3) dice after they have been rolled. 

Sic bo is a fun and exciting game. Yet, some players think that it has a house edge. Nevertheless, what these members do not know is that they can easily beat the house with simple tricks and tips.

Winning Tip #1 – Capitalize on big and small bets

You can make different bets in sic bo. But it is more profitable if you invest on small and big bets. Wager on big bets if you think that the sum of three dice is somewhere between 11 and 17. Meanwhile, if you believe that it will only range from 4 to 10, wager on small bets.


Winning Tip #2 – Try the odd and even bets

This one is simple. If the total value is odd, wager on odd bets. Similarly, if you think that an even number will most likely come up, then wager on even bets.


Winning Tip #3 – Take time to understand the table layout

Most players are eager to play sic bo, but intimidated by the table’s layout. They easily become too confused. However, if you take a closer look at it, all the possible bets that you can make in sic bo are already outlined in the table. All you have to do is place your bet.


Winning Tip #4 – Wager on single dice bets

Higher winning chances likewise await those who wager on single dice bets. This bet gives one of the lowest house edge. For single bets, you assume that numbers from 1 to 6 shall appear on one or two dice.


Winning Tip #5 – Make multiple bets

This is one of the winning moves that you could ever do in sic bo. In winning against the house, nothing can be more effective than spreading your risks.


Sic Bo’s complexity is no less than a mere facade—an illusion. It can be seen that to beat the house, the only thing that players need to do is to understand the game and make the best bets!


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