3 Sic Bo Bets That Lead To A Losing Streak

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In Sic Bo, it is not enough that you know the best bets. There are also wagers or bets that you must avoid no matter how tempting they are. Gut feel may work, but strategy is more effective. 

Thus, here are some Sic Bo bets that you should carefully think about: 

Any triple

When you place this bet, you predict that a number will appear in the three dice. This combination is possible—there is no doubt about it. However, you must ask yourself if this will most likely show up on the following rounds. Will it appear more often compared to other bets?



The triple bet should not be confused with the previous bet. Here, you assume that a specific number shall show up in the three dice, say for example, number 2. As for the any triple bet, any number will do so long as they appear in all dice. It is possible for this outcome to show up. Yet, you have higher winning chances if you wager on big and small bets.


Any pair

Again, this is one of the bets that you should be wary about. For this type of wager, you assume that two identical numbers will show up. It does not matter what number, as long as they show up twice in the dice. Be a calculated risk taker when you place this bet. Again, this combination may crop out but not as often as the other bets.


Indeed, it is true that Sic Bo has a high house advantage. Yet, you can readily change the odds and become a big winner via making the best bets and avoiding those that place you in compromising situations. In other words, learn how to use strategy. Learn the mathematics of the game and be a smart player.


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