3 Exclusive Features To Enjoy In Premium European Roulette

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Between the American and European roulette, the latter is more preferred since its winning odds are higher. Indeed, it is true and as its features are upgraded and improved, this casino game onlinefurther increases your winning possibilities.

 12BET Casino Premium European Roulette Winning Combination

Key features 

Better view

For better viewing, you can choose between the racetrack and the standard views. Place your bets accurately and see the results up close. The fewer mistakes you commit in betting, the more winning opportunities you can enjoy.


Premium European Roulette gives you the flexibility to customize several features of the game. For example, you can freely change the table’s color. You can choose among red, green and blue. 

At a glance, changing the roulette table’s color may not sound significant. However, studies revealed that color impacts one’s gaming performance. Red is said to be more stimulating while green soothes tired eyes.

You can also save your favorite bets in this game. Premium European Roulette has a designated button that lets you save the most profitable bets you have. Throw away those pens and papers to keep track of your betting strategy, use this feature instead. 

Less clicks

This game requires fewer clicks. It has the “more bets”option, which allows you to place multiple bets in a single click. 

Included in the “more bets” option are the final, complete and half complete bets.

With the final bet, you can place on all numbers that end on a particular number. For example, you click this button if you want to wager on all numbers that end in 2.

Meanwhile, as for the complete and half complete bets, these permit you to place different wagers on the same numbers. 

Lastly, you have the Autoplay feature which lets you play continuously even if you are not watching. You can also customize it to suit your needs. 

You can configure it on several occasions.

  1. Stop every time you win
  2. Stop when your desired number of wins is achieved
  3. Stop when you have insufficient balance
  4. Stop when your balance is below the minimum
  5. Stop when the number of desired spins is reached 

Enjoy all of these benefits and features of Premium American Roulette in 12BET Casino today and rake the biggest prizes and rewards. 

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