The Thrill of High Payouts in “Journey to the West”

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Online casino games enveloped in a cloak of mystical creatures and great adventurers are sometimes translated into big, spellbinding prizes. The kind of graphics they are themed after are commonly matched ;with an equally stunning arsenal of bonuses, multipliers, and jackpots. The game “Journey to the West” functions that way. This 25-line slot is both an eye pleaser and a bankroll booster. The rich images and symbols, when correctly combined to form a winning payline, could yield winnings than can further be multiplied by up to 10,000 times!


Journey to the West


Similar to other slot games, Journey to the West requires a specific symbols combination for the prizes to be bagged. But such a tough challenge can be easily lightened with the help of the scatter and wild symbols, which enhance players’ odds of winning.

Sun Wu Kung, the monkey symbol, is this game’s most important wild symbol. He can act as a versatile substitute to other symbols, thereby making prizes more accessible. Aside from acting as substitute, Sun Wu Kung symbols also carry their own rewards.  Five simultaneous appearances of this symbol can grow wagers by up to 10, 000 times.

This game also offers a Jackpot round which is triggered when the flag symbol and the wild appear on their respective reels—the 1st, 2nd, 4th, and 5th reels for the flags, while the 3rd reel for the wild.

Another special featured called “Experience bonus” can be obtained if Sha Wu Jing, Zhu Ba Jie, Tang San Zang, Sun Wu Kong, and Bai Long Ma all show up on the gaming window simultaneously. It is played through a dice roll, which will decide on players’ “location” and whether that location has a bonus or bonuses.

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