The 6 Most Popular Movie-Inspired Online Slots

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Great movies do not end in movie houses. Their stories are continued in online casinos. Find out the most popular movie-inspired slots that you can find in 12BET Casino! 


Featuring the blood-sucking creatures of the night, Blade exposes the uncanny struggle for power between vampires and mortals.

Portrayed by Wesley Snipes, the half-vampire, half-human superhero is determined to protect the human race—and share huge cash prize.

Yes, you are right, Blade is too famous not to be included in the list of great online slots game.

Other than vampire protection, Blade gives you 15 free games and a X5 multiplier!

12BET Casino Blade Winning Combination



True to its name, X-Men’s mutation sees no end. From the well-loved comic book that gave us Wolverine, Magneto, Professor X etc—X-Men has graced the silver screen and online casinos.

Even in the online casino terrain, X-Men’s appeal never dwindled. The 5-reel, 25 payline slots game attracts a legion of players.

Giving out 10,000 free credits and the possibility of multiplying your winnings by 5, resisting this game is such a futile attempt.

Now talk about having a great X factor!

Iron Man

Tony Starks effort to protect himself turned him into an accidental superhero. The iron suit that he invented encouraged him to save not only himself but also the rest of mankind.

Starks’ kind deed sparked the interest of many and so are online casino operators. In recent years, Iron Man is one of the most played online slots games.

Iron Man features 25 active paylines, an increasing multiplier and not just 1 but 6 stacked symbols!

12BET Casino Iron Man 2-Winning Combination


The Mummy

The whole adventure starts when the researcher, Evelyn Carnahan unintentionally awakens Imhotep.

But the adventure never ended in the movies. As mentioned in the previous post, the treasure hunting escapades of Evelyn and her husband, Rick, continues in online casinos.

You are lucky, you do not have to dig deep to get the treasure. You can get all that you wanted in a single spin—in a winning click.


Certified hottie, Ben Affleck plays the character of Matt Murdoch, who, despite of being blind is a superhero.

With his unique radar sense, Daredevil was able to avenge his father’s death and at the same time, help other people.

In the online casino world, however, Daredevil blinds you with bonus options. Get 10 free games and enjoy the bullseye feature that will multiply your winning by 3.

12BET Casino Daredevil Winning Combination


Incredible Hulk

Extreme anger turns the physicist Bruce Banner into a gigantic green beast.

In online casinos, Incredible Hulk is also an incredible beast when it comes to giving huge payouts.
See 3 or more scatters and you will trigger 10 free games and it does not stop there. All your winnings are multiplied by 3.

12BET Casino Incredible Hulk Winning combination


There are more movie-inspired online slots game that you can enjoy in 12BET Casino. Some of them are already discussed in detail such as Spamalot and Kong, for example.

With great bonuses waiting for you, you will definitely play like a star here in 12BET casino!

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