Swing To Huge Prizes, Play Golden Tour!

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12BET Casino Golden Tour

True to its name, chunks of gold are hidden in 12BET Casino’s featured game, Golden Tour. With bonuses that can be multiplied for ten (10) times, there is no doubt that this online slots is filled with great prizes that can be yours in an instant. 

What is this game?

Developed by Playtech, Golden Tour is a 5-reel golf themed game that brings in the thrill and excitement of golf into an easy, yet action packed slots. 

Similar to other slot games, you need to spin those reels and hit the winning combination. 

Scatter symbols

Three scatter symbols can be seen in this game. These are the gopher, duck and catfish. If any of these symbols appear thrice during a particular round, the bonus round is activated. You do not have to worry if they fall under the same payline or not. As long as you see them thrice, you will enter the bonus round. 

Wild symbol

The double golf balls are the game’s wild symbols. It replaces other symbols except for the three scatters. 

The bonus round

Before you start in the bonus round, you will be asked to choose your driver, iron and putter. These three shall determine your prize amount. 

If you have four (4) scatter symbols upon entering the bonus round, the jackpot shall be tripled. Meanwhile, if you enter with five (5) scatter symbols, your winnings will be ten (10) times bigger. 

The dollar ball

The dollar ball is a progressive side game. You need to enable it to join. Similar to lotto games, you need to choose five (5) numbers out of the forty-nine (49).  The more matches you get, the higher is your payout. However, if you get the five (5) numbers, then you bring home the jackpot. 

A quick reminder about the dollar ball, it will remain enabled, unless you disable it or if you change your chosen numbers. 

Whether you are an avid golf enthusiast or not, Golden Tour is a game that you will certainly love and enjoy. A full swing in the bonus round alone will generate large winnings, not to mention that there is a side progressive jackpot that may yield huge prizes.

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