Slot Game Punishes Players Win Multipliers And More Free Spins

Slot Game Punishes Players Win Multipliers And More Free Spins 4.57/5 (91.43%) 7 votes

Slot Game Punishes Players With X4 Win Multiplier And More Than 10 Free Spins

Punisher War Zone - Wild

Instead of punishing players, Punisher War Zone rewards its players with more than ten (10) free spins and double wins. A bonus feature that easily increases one’s bankroll is also available.

Collective bonus and free spins
Punisher War Zone is comprised of five (5) reels. Skulls, which happen to be its collective bonus symbols, tend to fall and pile up underneath each reel.

Whenever one of the reels collects four (4) skulls, the total bet is multiplied by four (4) and five (5) free games are triggered.

During the free spins, the prize of every winning combination made is doubled. And not only that, if the skulls appear while the free spins are ongoing, another set of five (5) free spins shall be awarded to the player.
When this occurs, every completed reel will multiply the player’s wager by four (4). In other words, the member’s winnings can go up to 16X of his original bet.But what happens if all the reels have collected all the required bonus symbols?

Progressive jackpot
Since Punisher War Zone is a Marvel Slot game, the player also enters into not just one (1), but four (4) progressive jackpots.

Take note however that the progressive jackpots are randomly triggered. Unlike the typical bonus features, it does not require a combination of some sort to trigger it.

Stacked wild
For the finale, this game is equipped with a stacked wild. Like the collective bonus feature, it also piles up in a single reel. Since it substitutes or replaces another symbol, the more stacked wilds a player has, the more winning combinations can be formed.

Punisher War Zone


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