Safecracker Brags Huge Progressive Jackpot And A Bonus Game That Can Be Retriggered

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Experimenting on unique themes and adding more bonus features, Playtech, once again, redefines classic slots gaming.

The release of the online slots game, Safecracker, seals Playtech’s innovative approaches into the online gaming world.

While it is true that the game’s name can be easily misinterpreted, Safecracker remains true in delivering great entertainment and rewards to its players.

Open the keys to great prizes today!

Open the keys to great prizes today!

The bonus game

To see a bonus feature in classic slots is quite uncommon. Oftentimes, this is offered only in multiline slots.  Safecracker, however is different.

It does not only contain a bonus feature, it can be retriggered as well.

To enter the bonus round, players must collect 3 keys. These will be used to open boxes loaded with prizes. Extra care should be given when choosing. Some of the boxes contain alarms, which, if triggered, end the bonus game.

Nevertheless, players should not worry for the bonus feature can be retriggered as soon as the player accumulates another set of 3 keys.

A progressive jackpot too!

Members should not be surprised to see a progressive jackpot at stake in this game. Once again, this shows how Safecracker defies classic slots convention.

To win the progressive jackpot, the player must collect 3 cash symbols. Placing the maximum bet is also a recommended and proven technique to win big in progressive jackpots.

Find the right keys, spin the reels and form the winning patterns—these are the 3 simple steps that guarantee a big win to safecracker players.

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