Reel Classic 5’s Ignored Feature That Brought Huge Prizes Revealed

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Reel Classic 5 was almost thrown into oblivion until a lucky player bagged a whooping MYR 43, 738.

Defying all the odds, this game proved that classic slots would never leave the limelight and the prizes they offer still sell like hotcakes. 

The real deal

The term “classic” seemed to be the culprit behind the dwindling appeal of the above-mentioned game. In an era where video slots fill most of online casinos, it looked like there is no more room left for classic slots.

Video slots have more active paylines. Classic slots are very limited. Video slots have a better interface. Classic slots are just too old-fashioned. These are just some of the most common points of comparison used when playing and choosing online slots machines.

12BET-Casino-Reel Classic 5

However, what many almost forgot is that classic slots such as Reel Classic 5, offers the best win multiplier in town.

What’s at stake in Reel Classic 5?

In Reel Classic 5, five (5) is the lowest win multiplier that a player gets and the highest is pegged at two thousand (2,000). Not bad. As a matter of fact, this is higher than most of video slots.

For this game, the very least that a player gets for a MYR 1 bet is MYR 5. Should Lady Luck worked in their favor, the total winnings can be as big as MYR 2,000.

Therefore, it is not too surprising when zxxix won a huge amount. Rather, it is expected.

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