Online Slots Game, Tennis Stars Increases Players For Up To 250 Times

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With bonus features that multiply your winnings for up to 250 times and free spins, you are indeed, a star in 12BET Casino’s Tennis Star.

This 5-reel 40 line slots game guarantees an immediate bankroll increase due to its superb gaming features. 

12BET Casino Tennis Stars Winning Combination

Whether you are a pro or not, you are a champion in Tennis Stars!

The wild

The tennis cup serves as the game’s wild symbol. It also triggers the free games. Moreover, when 3 or more of them appears, they multiply the total prize for up to 10 times. 

Free spins

Players can get more free spins during this round. If re-triggered, members get 15 additional free games.

It is also during this mode that prizes are tripled. 

The Scatter

As for the scatter, this is no other than the tennis rackets. Similar to the wild, it also triggers another bonus feature. This is the Championship bonus round where bigger prizes are at stake. 

To trigger the Championship round, 2 or more scatters must appear. 

Championship bonus

This is the bonus feature that multiplies the player’s winnings for up to 250 times. Players will engage into a tennis match for 6 rounds. 

Of course, the higher their score, the bigger are their winnings. 

Double or collect

Everytime players win, they will be asked if they want to take the chance of doubling their prizes. 

If they want to increase their winnings, all they have to do is choose between red or black. Meanwhile, if they feel like saving all their prizes, they simply need to choose the collect button. 

Bigger cashback

There is no better place to enjoy Tennis Stars than in 12BET Casino. Currently, the casino site offers bigger slots cashback.

Rebates that were formerly pegged at 0.4% are now increased to 0.6%. One can definitely play longer and collect more winnings. 

Play like a star and collect smashing wins in 12BET Casino’s Tennis Stars.

Get this cashback just by playing Tennis Stars

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