Multispin Slot Tropic Reels Multiplies Rewards By 2,500

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Who would’ve thought that a $2.50 bet in Tropic Reels will increase to $187.50? It seems impossible but the photo below shows that it’s real. Certainly, this is one loose slot!

12BET Casino-Tropic-Reels-Winning Combination

Multispin slots have never been this fun!

Multispin video slot

Tropic Reels is one of 12BET Casino’s multispin online slots. A multispin slot allows you to “hold” the whole reel, while the rest continues to spin. Due to this, you’ll barely have an issue in forming patterns. The last thing you know, you’re already filling up your bankroll.

Win multiplier

Multispin slots are not devoid of multipliers. However, many players do not realize this unless they look into the paytable.

In Tropic Reels, each symbol has a corresponding multiplier. The highest is 2,500 and is triggered by the appearance of the lion symbol, which is also the game’s wild.

The multispin slot also boasts of special winning combinations. For example, the mere appearance of a pineapple on the reel can already generate a reward.

However, if you’re just this lucky, you might encounter a symbol that will fill up all the reels.

Oftentimes, multispin slot don’t have that “look” when it comes to the design of the symbols used. However, if you would only dig deeper and at least, give it a try, you’ll never realize how lucrative these slot games are.

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