Make Your Prizes 10X Bigger In Forest Of Wonder

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Stand a chance to grab more than €51, 382.29, multiply your winnings by 10 and be smitten with cute characters in 12BET Casino’s Forest of Wonders.

Forget about boredom and focus in this 5-reel 25 line slots machine as it delivers not only great bonus features, but also huge prizes that will change your life.


Win prizes that are 10X bigger than your original bet here!

Winning combination

Players will not only enjoy the ease of forming winning combinations in this game. One thing that makes this very special is that if two or more winning patterns are formed in different paylines, they also get a different payout. 

In the event where the winning combinations appear in a single payline, the higher one gets the payout. 

Wild symbols and payouts

Not only do the members get paid for the winning patterns. The number of wild symbols that appears on screen, generates a win too. 

If more than one of them show up, a different payout is likewise given. 

12BET- Casino- Forest-Wonder-Wild-Symbol

Scatters and free spins

Scatters trigger free spins. As long as 3 or more of them crop out, players are guaranteed to get those freebies. They can play without using their own funds. 

12BET Casino Forest Wonder Scatter Symbol

The bonus symbol

If 3 or more bonus symbols appear in an active payline, the bonus round is triggered. 

During the bonus round, players are asked to choose 3 mushrooms. Each of them contains a different prize amount. 

In case 3 or more bonus symbols appear again during the bonus round, expect a payout increase.

The appearance of 4 bonus symbols means that your winnings are multiplied by 3. However, if you get 5, your prizes will be increased by 10X. 12BET Casino Forest Wonder Bonus Symbol

The dollar ball

While the members are busy forming combinations, they are also participating in the dollar ball. This is a progressive side game where players must choose 5 numbers. When all of these 5 show up, they will bring home the progressive jackpot.

Are you still wondering how you can win big in this game? Well wonder no more. Start playing in 12BET Casino today!

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