Lotto Madness Gives Its Players The Freedom To Choose Free Spins And Multiplier

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Online slots game, Lotto Madness is driving its players mad with the freedom to choose their free spins and their multiplier. Thanks to its Crazy Wheel feature, members get the chance to increase their bankroll, the easy way.


Crazy Wheel

With the Crazy Wheel, players need to choose their combination of free spins and multiplier.

To trigger this feature, the bonus symbol must appear on the 1st and 5th reels.



Get more wins with the scatter

The scatter (dollar sign) serves as the game’s scatter. Other than helping members to create winning patterns, it also elicits a multiplier effect.

Its payout is multiplied to the total wager.


Dollar ball

Lotto Madness also features a dollar ball. It is a progressive side bet, which, if won, delivers a great jackpot prize.

The only requirement to win this bet is to get 5 number matches.

Choose the free spin, choose the multiplier—such features are indeed, too irresistible to ignore.

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