Lights, Camera, Cinerama!

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Cinerama captures the glitz, the glamour, the drama and the excitement of moviemaking. With graphics and images that are based onbehind the scene events—those that are hardly shown in front of the camera, you will surely have a great time playing this game. But not only that, you can also expect for big prizes that will surely blow you away.

Core features

12BET Casino Cinerama

Cinerama is a 5-reel slots that feature a progressive jackpot and bonus rounds. Similar to other online slots game, your main

objective is to secure a combination to win.

Important symbols

You have to keep an eye on the following symbols for they will help you win easily.

The camera  - Lights, camera, action! This image serves as the wild symbol and can replace or substitute other symbols.

The headphones – In this case, the headphones function as the scatter symbol. They will trigger the bonus rounds for you, so you better watch out. 

The director – The director is a bonus symbol. Like the headphones, its appearance will also trigger the bonus round.

Bonus rounds

There are two (2) bonus rounds in Cinerama. Both sessions have specific instructions on what you should do, for example, the patterns that you must form, the pay lines etc.

For the first bonus round, three (3) headphones must appear to trigger it while the second bonus round requires that three (3) director symbols must show up.

The progressive jackpot

This game has a progressive jackpot. A portion of your bet goes to the money pool. Everytime Cinerama is played, the money pool increases. This means bigger and more winning opportunities for you.

Playing in 12BET Casino

To play Cinerama in 12BET Casino, all you have to do is download and install the casino client. The game is also available in 12BET Casino’s improved flash client.

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